BPM Microsystems 2800 Series Device Programmer

BPM Microsystems 2800 Series device programming system Scope of work:  Conceptual design, concept mockups, Alias renderings, extruded aluminum housing development, product branding, logo design, label layouts, product photography, promotional literature and

Silicon Graphics – SN1 Server

SN1 Server for SGI, Silicon Graphics International Corp, Mountain View, California Scope of work:  Concept sketch development, Alias surface modeling and Alias presentation renderings

CarePoint Medical – CP1100

CarePoint Medical – CP-1100 Platelet Analysis System and Vaccutainer Assay Test Cartridge Concept development of medical testing system for rapid diagnosis of blood platelet conditions and confirmation of heart attack

Integrated Design Solutions

Logo Identity for product development firm, Integrated Design Solutions, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Scope of work:  Logo concept sketch development, Logo keyline and promotional layouts

Cardiofocus Surgical Laser Housing

HeartLight® Endoscopic Ablation System All functions necessary to perform ablation procedures with the Endoscopic Ablation System are contained within a single compact console. Compliant balloon adjustment, endoscopic image management using

Presto AURA Electric Heater

Presto AURA Electric Heater with Fan National Presto Industries, home of world famous Presto® Pressure Cookers, Pressure Canners and innovative Electric Appliances.  National Presto is recognized as a leader in

Orquis Medical – EXELERAS System

Orquis Medical EXELERAS System – Heart pump controller and housing An implantable system being developed to treat patients who suffer from chronic congestive heart failure.  The company’s novel and proprietary therapeutic devices,

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